Following the great results of Lineapelle Innovation Square 2018, a new edition of one of the most important global appointments on Innovation in Luxury and Fashion Materials is coming.
Within Lineapelle, the global leading trade show for fashion and luxury materials and components, Innovation Square will be the place to be, where the most up to date consumer demands and market trends are linked to latest evolutions of technology, with examples of particularly relevant and advanced researches and innovations.


Several technologies are complementing materials with the main aim of creating new aesthetic possibilities, from evolved chemistry (also bio-based) to advanced electronics. This evolution is bringing to products and materials the possibility to evolve: to look different, to be conceived and built to interact with the environment and with persons. Will materials and products have an own language?


The most demanding markets are already asking for products that can be deeply customized, according to needs that are expressed with increasingly sophisticated information. Technologies are therefore evolving. In the future, consumers will not only handle, wear and use materials… Is “Human Product Interaction” the future of customization? Will consumers still buy products or rather concepts and designs?


Nanotechnologies can allow materials and products to be stronger, lighter, conductive, waterproof, without changing their visual aspect… But from today, they can do much more, allowing materials to be more intelligent, to be more interconnected, more sustainable and even to be involved in medical applications.
Fashion and design have been profiting from these opportunities much less than what they could, the discussion towards the future is still open…


Consumers are increasingly focused on the functionality of products that they use and wear. Products will need to be appropriate for these evolutions. What should materials be like in order to respond to these trends? Will the real innovations in the future be mainly linked to the way of imagining, conceiving, manufacturing and marketing new abilities of materials and products?


“Copying nature to design a better world”. There is an evident growth in expectations from the consumer market for “bio” products. Fashion, Design and Automotive industries have always used many materials of biological origin (leather is a prime example). Bio-Logic, Bio-Inspired or Bio-Fabricated? Where is the future of the Bio-Generation?


The world is moving towards a “circular economy” model, evolving towards products that will be designed to be disassembled and materials that will be 100% recyclable more than once. The shift towards a transparent and circular fashion implies radical technological and design evolutions as well the emergence of new business models and traceable supply chains. How is the industry handling this?


On Friday 4 October, Lineapelle Innovation Square will come to a close with a special panel entitled “What’s next?”. Moderated by the project curator, Federico Brugnoli, some highly qualified industry professionals will be discussing the most critical aspects of innovation for the future of the luxury and materials sector for the fashion industry, design and automotive sector supply chain.

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