LINEAPELLE is the worldwide leading trade show for materials in the worldwide leather fashion and luxury industry. Expositors and visitors are used to be inspired on the future fashion trends in aesthetic and organoleptic properties of the materials. LINEAPELLE INNOVATION SQUARE is meant to do exactly the same, with reference to scientific and technological innovations.


LINEAPELLE INNOVATION SQUARE will bring to a trade show, typically meant to be an encounter for business relationships and business development a NEW DIMENSION, linked with longer term relationships led by possible Mid to Long term business perspectives linked to possible technological innovations and new business models. An innovative approach to trade fairs led by Innovation.


LINEAPELLE INNOVATION SQUARE will aggregate different qualified stakeholders and stakeholder categories in the same place for a specific period of time. Innovation providers from academia, specialised sectoral R&D centers, companies, their associations, but also potential investors and institutions. This mix aims at stimulating definition of possible partnerships and of coherent strategies to the market.


LINEAPELLE is a market led organisation. The INNOVATION SQUARE will follow the same approach, by proposing concrete possibilities of future applications to the markets represented both by the 1200 expositors and the over 20,000 visitors coming from over 100 countries that are normally attending the Fair


LINEAPELLE INNOVATION SQUARE will be led by INNOVATIONS at all different technology readiness levels. From laboratory scale to fully industrialised solutions. All different actors can play an active role to bring new and breaking through ideas to a market that is demonstrating an increased attitude to accept new materials, new processes, new business models.


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