the future is now. There we go with the presentation of LP Innovation Square, the incubator for the leather sector to com

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The goal is challenging and, at the same time, necessary. By using a polished language, we might say that Lineapelle opens a window to the future. It’s much more than that though. Lineapelle, a global scale event, focuses, as usual, on pragmatism, while being fully aware of its leadership and, subsequently, of its specific responsibilities, related to such role. One of these, starting from next edition (number 95, on the agenda at Fieramilano Rho from Tuesday 25 September till Thursday 27), will be embodied in a special event that is meant to be, throughout the fair, a kaleidoscopic though very qualified incubator of ideas, solutions, innovative technologies. All of them, it goes without saying, will strictly stick to the identity of the business sectors included in the global leather industry. The event, named Lineapelle Innovation Square, has been presented today in the LEM, located on the Ponte dei Mari. “We are closely considering new promising solutions with regard to sciences of materials, biotechnologies, interactions between individuals and materials, innovative business models, prospective abilities and expertise. The aim is to collect and exhibit new and qualified technologies and business solutions which are considered extremely relevant for the reference sectors of the global leather industry”. In other words, to create a developmental incubator, in the leather area, consistently updated and revised, focused on a critical background in terms of selection and qualification: “A highly qualified team of international universities, research institutes and innovative companies will submit some investigation cases, while presenting analysis results and assessing potential cooperation. In addition to that, they will develop new materials and will investigate into new properties and functions; moreover, they will suggest new business models for luxury and high-end industry future development”. At Lineapelle the future is now.

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