Suzanne LeeFounder of Biofabricate, Chief Creative Officer of Modern Meadow, Suzanne Lee is a designer and pioneer of biofabricated materials.

    Job Profile
    Suzanne is a pioneer of biotechnology in fashion. She started growing microbial materials in 2003 coining the term ‘Biocouture’ and advises material startups and global consumer brands on the emerging world of biofabricated materials. In 2014 Suzanne founded ‘Biofabricate’, an international summit fostering design, biology and technology. A graduate of the celebrated design school Central Saint Martins in London, her work has been featured widely in the media and exhibited globally. Author of ‘Fashioning the Future: tomorrow’s wardrobe’, she is a TED Senior Fellow and a Launch Material Innovator -an initiative of NASA, Nike, and USAID. She is currently the Chief Creative Officer of Modern Meadow.



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