CeNTI, Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials in Portugal

CENTI, the Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials, is a private non-profit research institute, equipped with cutting-edge technology and conducting world-class R&D activities. CeNTI provides, in a B2B approach, applied R&D, engineering and scaling-up production of innovative functional & smart materials and devices.

CeNTI´s mission is to contribute to the Industry advancement through development of micro/nanotechnologies and functional/smart materials, and by means of knowledge creation and diffusion, promotion of technology integration and development of technological intervention strategies.

CeNTI has strict protocols to protect client confidentiality and IP, and has been involved in more than 170 industry driven projects. CeNTI has 57 active patents (as owner, co-owner or staff inventor) of which 9 are granted, and counts with 70 scientists and engineers of different backgrounds in about 2600 m2 labs and process facilities.


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