Daniele Gardini

Senior R & D Leather Specialist Poltrona Frau

Job Profile

I’ve been working for “Poltrona Frau” since 2001. I’m in charge of Research and Development Leather for our three main areas:

  • Residential
  • Contract
  • IIM (Interiors in Motion)

I’ve been on this job for over 30 years, first in footwear companies, then in the leather goods sector and finally for Poltrona Frau.
My career path at this company started as employee at the material-testing laboratory: after years of work and dedication, I became responsible of a whole new office in Poltrona Frau.
This thanks to the company’s will and to my great passion.
I deal with leather every day, to 360 degrees, in addition to my main work in researching and developing new items or brand new concepts.
My task is to relate with clients, architects, design centers and tanneries, with whom we have already successfully collaborated over decades. It is for this reason that I think of them as partners more than suppliers.
From just an idea, or a brief, I develop and propose new products: in this last period, I have focused strongly on themes related to eco-sustainability.
My team and I have developed some new items that point in this direction, in order to emphasize the key concepts of our corporate identity: manual skills and artisan, CRAFTSMANSHIP.
That’s why we have presented an armchair manually dyed at last year’s “Salone del Mobile”, in Milan.
Once developed a new product, I set a technical specification in order to make it reproducible and replicable, in terms of industrialization.
I am the one constant for a lot of our customers, among which “Ferrari”, in particular as regards the whole leather sector. Changes, adaptations, modifications or improvements, not to mention the daily support that I provide to my collegues in the commercial area when it comes to technical questions or problems
Working in the leather sector is rather a passion than a job. And that’s because I love leather in its infinite nuances or variety, two factors that make it a unique and inspiring material.


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