Miguel Davia Aracil

Head of INESCOP CAD/CAM Department

Speech title
Real time rendering in footwear industry, for what? Use cases review

Job Profile
Miguel Davia Aracil is PhD in Computer Engineering from the University of Alicante since May 2011. He has been working at INESCOP since 2005, where he has carried out activities related to the development of 3D software specific to footwear and has participated in various research projects for the sector. Nowadays, he is the Head of INESCOP CAD (Computer Aided Design) / CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) department.

Related to the field of research, has published several scientific-technical articles in prestigious journals such as: The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, International Journal of Engineering Manufacture, International Journal of Computer Aided Design and International Journal of Computers in Industry.




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