Romi Faylo

Creative Director FFP Technologies

Speech title
The Future Clothing

Job Profile

Romi is a Co-Founder at FFP Technologies since 2016, currently serving as the Creative Director responsible for product design, research and development, including data collection and editing. He also provides technical and design solutions for production and is responsible for designing the general representation of the company from the visual aspect, such as presentation, logo design, etc.

In addition to this project, Romi works as Creative Designer and Manager at the Wilde Vertigga brand. He was a partner in setting up the brand, building the outline and designing the collection. He designs and makes the samples before production and works in partnership with suppliers and buyers.
He is also the manager of the Instagram page for the brand, and is responsible for the construction of the grid and editing of the content appearing on the page.

Academic background:
He graduated from Design Studies in 2016 at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.
As part of his studies, he participated in a wearable technology program, in which he developed a “smart” glove that is used as a controller for computer games.




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