Tosha Hays

Chief Product Officer, AFFOA and Co-Founder, brrrº, Inc.

Speech title
Heralding the dawn of a fabric revolution

Job Profile

Driven and determined with an eye for design, Tosha Hays is a leader in what was once known as the “wearables” space; she is now disrupting the industry with her innovative approach,  fusing never-thought-of capabilities within commercial textiles and product. “What if we considered fabrics as software versus commodities?!”
As an experienced creative, technical designer and entrepreneur, Tosha exercises her lifelong passions for fabric, fashion, and design through her current role as Chief Product Officer of Advanced Functional Fabrics of America working with some of the biggest names in industry such as New Balance and Nike to inspiring startups such as Sheer, Inc. and her own brand, brrrº.



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